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This guide is to help the consumer through what would be needed for a basic gutter installation.  Visit our product page, material take off page and gallery for more products and ideas.  Please feel free to bring in your diagram and we can assist you in determining your gutter needs.

When drawing the diagram for a gutter installation, it is best to draw it from a birds eye view.  Draw in the roofline where the gutters are to be installed.  Next, draw a line parallel to the roofline to indicate your gutter.  Mark the location of your down spouts with an X on the gutter line.

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To measure the length of the gutter needed, we will assume you will be using box miters.  The alternatives are strip miters or single-seam hand cut miters.  These alternatives are more difficult and should only be used by experienced installers.

Straight runs: Measure the fascia board where the gutter is going, then add 2 inches.  This will allow room for your end caps and let there be a 1/2 inch overhang on each end.  This helps in catching the water that runs off the corners or gable ends of the roof.

Box mitered corners: For inside box miters, make a line 8" from the inside corner of the fascia.  Do this on both sides.  For outside box miters, make a line 2" from the outside corner.  Do this on both sides.  Measure and install the gutter only to these lines.  This will allow enough room to install the boxed miters.

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Gutter fasteners:  The two most common ways of installing gutters is with hangers or spikes and ferrules.  To figure out how many are needed, add up the gutter footage and divide it by 2.  This will give you enough fasteners to install the gutters.  It never hurts to get an extra one or two fasteners for each piece of gutter installed.

End caps:  There are two types of end caps, right and left.  They are determined by looking at the face of the gutter.  Most gutters have one on each end unless you leave one off so water can drain to a lower roof.

Downspouts:  Down spouts come in 10’ sections, you need one for a single story and two for a two story.  There is usually enough left over to make the return for the top of the spout.  Do not forget to get an outlet and straps for each down spout.

Elbows:  There are three main types of elbows.  There type “A”, “B and offset (also known as ledge jumpers).  Please look at the product page to see what they look like and determine what you need for each spout.

Valley shields:  This is a piece of metal that is placed on the top face side of the gutter to prevent the water from overflowing in the high water volume areas.

Caulk  One tube will work for ten end caps or three miters.

Rivets & screws:  We have colored rivets and screws to match the gutters and down spouts.  You need approximately ten for each spout our miter.

Touch up paint:  One can is good to have in case your gutter or spouts get scratched during installation.

Valley shields:  A piece of metal that is placed on the top face side of the gutter to prevent the water .

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